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Where is Norwich Located

Where in the UK is Norwich?

Norwich is located in the United Kingdom in the Norfolk region. About 213,200 inhabitants live in the western European city.

Where is Norwich Located
Where is Norwich Located

Norwich is located in the northern hemisphere of the Earth, about 5859 km north of the equator at latitude 53 and about 88 km east of the prime meridian, at the 1st longitude.

Located in the east of England in the heart of the idyllic Norfolk countryside, Norwich is the capital of the county of East Anglia. Located on the Wensum River, the cityscape is characterized in particular by a well-preserved medieval city center and the cathedral, which is of Norman origin.

Norwich, with its approximately 141,300 inhabitants, combines an interesting historical heritage with the character of a modern city. Historical buildings, art galleries, churches or museums are therefore just as inviting to visit as modern shopping areas, such as the Riverside Entertainment Complex.

Norwich is also a university city and is home to the University of East Anglia, founded in 1963, with its 14,000 students.

Norwich has an international airport, Norwich Airport, which is mainly served from Amsterdam.

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