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Where is Norway Located

What country does Norway belong?

Norway is located in the north of Europe. From north to south, the country stretches for 1572 kilometers! The border with Sweden is even 1619 kilometers long. Together with Sweden, Norway occupies most of the Scandinavian Peninsula.

Where is Norway Located
Where is Norway Located

In the west, Norway is located on the European North Sea. This is a marginal or secondary sea of the Atlantic Ocean. In the south, the country is also located on the Skagerrak, a part of the North Sea. In the northeast, Norway has other land borders, namely with Finland (727 kilometers) and a shorter one with Russia (196 kilometers). About a third of the country is located beyond the Arctic Circle, that is, in the Arctic. The northern part of the country is also called Lapland. This is where the Sami people live.

Norwegian Islands
Norway also includes some islands. Off the coast are the island groups of Lofoten and Vesterålen. The largest island in Norway is called Hinnøya and it belongs to both island groups. Far to the north, in the Arctic, is the archipelago of Spitsbergen, which in Norway is called Svalbard. The largest of the islands is also called Spitsbergen. The island of Jan Mayen is inhabited only by researchers. It is not so far north, but also in the Arctic. South of Spitsbergen is the Bear Island, also inhabited only by researchers.

How is it in Norway?
Mountain ranges, barren plateaus and fjords define the landscapes of Norway. Most of the mainland is occupied by the Scandinavian Mountains, also called Skanden. It runs through the whole country and reaches across the border to Sweden. The highest mountain is the Galdhøpiggen with a height of 2469 meters.

The plateaus are called fjells. They are above the forest line and are therefore very barren. Often they are slightly hilly. Grasses, mosses and lichens grow here.

The coast of Norway is very rugged. There are a lot of estuaries jutting into the mountainous interior of the country. They are called fjords. They arose because glaciers migrated towards the sea and dug a valley. The coast of Norway is mostly rocky.

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