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Where is Norad Located

Also this year, Google and the central command of the airspace surveillance of the US military NORAD are following the journey of Santa Claus. A live tracking is possible via Google Maps and Google Earth.
The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) started this tradition of monitoring Santa Claus back in 1955. For several years, the information has also been continuously updated via the Internet. The integration into Google’s services is intended to give even more interested observers access to this information.

Where is Norad Located
Where is Norad Located

For big children, NORAD also offers an app to track Santa’s flight directly on the smartphone.

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► Since 1955, children have been able to call the NORAD headquarters (Colorado Springs) and ask when their gifts are finally coming.

It all started with the US department store Sears, which published an incorrect Santa phone number. In an advertising advertisement, a telephone number should actually be given for a conversation with the in-house Santa Claus. However, what the department store’s advertising department did not know: there was a number missing in the ad. By mistake, she had printed a top secret number of the US Air Defense.

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