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Where is Nigeria Located

What country is Nigerian in?

Nigeria is part of West Africa. It borders Benin to the west, Niger to the north and Cameroon to the east. In the north-easternmost corner, a short border with Chad runs in Lake Chad. So there are four neighboring countries. To the south is the sea, the Atlantic Ocean, which here is called the Gulf of Guinea.

Where is Nigeria Located
Where is Nigeria Located

Nigeria is about as wide as it is long: 1200 km it stretches from east to west, 1200 km from north to south. The country was named after the Niger River. The Tuareg called him in their language “river of rivers”: ghir n-igheren. The Europeans then made Niger out of it.

On the coast, Nigeria has lagoons and mangrove forests. They used to be joined by a strip of rainforest, but it was almost completely cut down. Here, oil palms were planted mainly for agriculture. Further north, the wet savanna follows first, then the dry savanna. In the middle of the country is the Bauchi Plateau, a plateau.

Rivers: Niger and Benue
From the northwest, along the border with Benin, the Niger flows into Nigeria and further to the Atlantic Ocean, where it forms a huge river delta. From the northeast, the Benue flows into the Niger as its largest tributary. By the way, the Niger River has an unusual course of the river, which describes a semicircle. It flows from Guinea, Mali, Niger and Benin to Nigeria. Below you will find a map on which you can see this well. The Niger was explored by Mungo Park .

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