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Where is New South Wales Located

New South Wales, with the capital Sydney, is a state in the southeast of Australia and borders the states of Victoria in the south, South Australia in the west and Queensland in the north. New South Wales includes the territory of the Australian Capital Territory, in which Australia’s capital Canberra is located. About 7 million people live in New South Wales, which is more than a third of the population of Australia.

There are 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in New South Wales:

– the Australian Convict Sites and the Sydney Opera House as heritage sites

– the Greater Blue Mountains Area, the Lord Howe Island Group and Gondwana rainforests (huge untouched natural area in New South Wales and Queensland) as natural heritage sites

– the Willandra Lakes region as a mixed heritage site

The links lead you to the English-language page of UNESCO. There you will find detailed information about the individual regions.

New South Wales
New South Wales

One of the main attractions of New South Wales is undoubtedly the cosmopolitan city of Sydney with all its sights, the multicultural flair and the great location on the Pacific Ocean. The hinterland with the Blue Mountains, the Snowy Mountains and the Hunter Valley wine region is hardly less impressive.

New South Wales (NSW) is the oldest, most populous and economically strongest state in Australia. The federal capital Sydney is now one of the most important metropolises in the world and is the location of the famous Sydney Opera House, one of the most important landmarks in the country. Visitors especially praise the great beaches of the east coast, the breathtaking mountainous country in the center and the subtropical forests in the northeast. Since one of the nicknames of the New South Wales Rugby League team is “The Cockroaches”, in addition to the title New South Welshmen, the term Cockroaches has also established itself as a pet name for local residents. With the words “Newly risen, how brightly you shine”, on the other hand, the government set the official motto of the state. However, on the older license plates you can still read the slogans Towards 2000, The Premier State and The First State. The latter two designations are in the history of NSW with the arrival of the First Fleet on APRIL 26. It was founded in January 1788 at Port Jackson. On this day, the penal colony of Sydney was created and thus the first settlement in Australia.

New South Wales (English New South Wales, abbreviation: NSW) is a state in the southeast of Australia with Sydney as its capital. It is bordered by Victoria to the south, South Australia to the west and Queensland to the north. In the southeastern part, New South Wales encloses the Australian Capital Territory. With about 7.5 million inhabitants, almost a third of the population of Australia, it is the most populous state in Australia.

New South Wales is located on the southeast coast of Australia with wide flat plains in the west, the coastal mountain range Great Dividing Range with the New England Range in the north, the Blue Mountains in the middle and the highest elevation of the Australian Alps, Mount Kosciuszko (2228 m), in the south. The total area of this state is 800,642 km2, which is about three times the size of Great Britain. The Murray River, the second longest river in Australia, originates from the Snowy Mountains and forms the border with Victoria. The Darling River, formed from the headwaters of the Culgoa River (which flows from Queensland in a south-easterly direction to New South Wales) and Barwon River, flows into it, forming the longest river system in Australia with its headwaters.

New South Wales, located in the southeast of the continent, is the most populous state of Australia. Its capital is Sydney. The landscape is very varied. In the west stretch flat plains, in the east the sea. In front of the sea is the coastal mountain range “Great Dividing Range”. Its southern part, stretching into the state of Victoria, is called the “Australian Alps”. In the Great Dividing Range is also the highest mountain on the Australian mainland, the 2228 m high Mount Kosciuszko. In the middle of New South Wales are the Blue Mountains. With just over 800,000 m2, the state of New South Wales is about three times the size of the United Kingdom. About 7.5 million people live in it. New South Wales is in the UTC+10 time zone, which means that it is 10 hours later than Coordinated Universal Time and nine hours later than CET.

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