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Where is New Orleans Located

Which state is New Orleans in USA?

New Orleans is a big city in the south of the USA. It has about 390,000 inhabitants. New Orleans is located in the state of Louisiana, where the Mississippi River flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Due to this location, New Orleans is still an important port city today. In the past, huge paddle steamers transporting goods and people used to travel from New Orleans across the Mississippi River to Minneapolis in the very north of the USA.

Where is New Orleans Located
Where is New Orleans Located
New Orleans
New Orleans

The French Quarter is the oldest part of the city. It was built by the French in the 18th century.
French settlers founded the city in 1718 under the name “La Nouvelle-Orléans”, the “new Orléans”. Orléans is a city in the west of France. Later, the colony of Louisiana was bought by the Americans. Since then, the city has borne its English name. The old town from the French period, the “French Quarter”, is now under monument protection.

New Orleans is considered the cultural center of the southern states. From 1861 to 1865, it was a part of the Confederate States of America, which fought against the rest of the USA in the Civil War. When the war was over, slavery was also abolished in Louisiana. Even after that, many blacks still lived in the city. Around the year 1900 they invented jazz, a musical genre.

New Orleans is also known for the carnival. The old French expression “Mardi Gras” is still used there. That means something like “Fat Tuesday”. The annual parade through the French Quarter attracts many festive tourists to the city. Other sights of the city include the Saint Louis Cathedral and Jackson Square, a square with many statues and works of art. Outside the city there is a large marsh area, which is under nature protection, the Bayou. There you can find alligators, pelicans and other animals.

Is New Orleans in Florida or Louisiana?
Is New Orleans a state or country?
Is New Orleans a city in LA?

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