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Where is New Mexico Located

What state is next to New Mexico?

The state of New Mexico with the capital Santa Fe is located in the southwestern part of the USA. It stretches from north to south for a length of about 550 kilometers. Its east-west extension is about 595 kilometers.
New Mexico covers a total area of about 315,194 square kilometers. This puts the state in fifth place in comparison with the other US states in terms of size. Only Alaska, Texas, California and Montana have a larger territory.

Where is New Mexico Located
Where is New Mexico Located
New Mexico
New Mexico

New Mexico borders Colorado to the north and Oklahoma to the far northeast. The neighbor to the east and south is Texas. New Mexico shares another part of its southern border with Mexico. To the west is Arizona. At one point in the northwest, New Mexico meets Utah. There is a four-country corner, also called Four Corners, where New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Arizona meet. It is the only federal four-country corner of the USA and is provided with a monument, the Four Corners Monument.

The area of New Mexico is a plateau traversed by the Rocky Mountains. On average, it is located 1,735 meters above sea level. The highest elevation in New Mexico is the 4,011 meter high Wheeler Peak in the north of the state. The lowest point is located at 866 meters above sea level in the Red Bluff Reservoir.

Is New Mexico a United States state?
Is New Mexico in Texas?
Is New Mexico in Mexico or USA?

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