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Where is Nevada Located

Nevada is a U.S. state in the western part of the United States of America, where it covers most of the Great Basin east of the Sierra Nevada and is surrounded by California, Oregon, Idaho, Utah and Arizona.

Nevada, which is named after the Spanish word nieve for snow (sierra nevada for snow-covered mountain range), joined the United States in 1864 as the 36th state. It is the seventh largest of the US states by area. The capital is Carson City. The nickname of the state is “The Silver State” (The Silver State).

Where is Nevada Located
Where is Nevada Located

Nevada, with the capital Carson City, is located in the western United States. In Nevada, there are the largest gold deposits in the world, along with South Africa and Australia.
With an area of 286,367 square kilometers, Nevada is in seventh place in size comparison with the other states. The average height of the state territory is 1,675 meters above sea level. The highest mountain in Nevada is the 4,005 meter high Boundary Peak. The lowest point is located on the banks of the Colorado River at 146 meters.

In the north, Nevada borders Oregon and Idaho. To the east is Utah. Its southeastern neighbor is Arizona. This boundary is formed primarily by the course of the Colorado River, which has a total length of 2,333 kilometers. In the west of Nevada is California.

Most of Nevada is dominated by the Great Basin. The dry area covering about 540,000 square kilometers stretches between the Wasatch Chain in the east and the Sierra Nevada and the Cascade chain in the west. The Large Basin is characterized by stone and sand deserts, steppe areas, mostly dried-up watercourses, canyons and salt lakes and consists of about 100 smaller basins and valleys framed by mountain ranges. Most of the basin lies within the borders of Nevada, but Oregon, Utah, Idaho and Arizona also have smaller shares in it.

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