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Where is N’Djamena Located

What country has N Djamena?

N’Djamena (pronounced Indjamena) is located in the south-west of the country, at the confluence of the Shari and Logone rivers. It is located not far from Lake Chad.

Where is N'Djamena Located
Where is N’Djamena Located

The city was founded at the beginning of French colonial rule. It served as a fort and later as the administrative headquarters of the French colonial power. Soon the fort developed into a modern city. In the city center you can still see the colonial buildings today. In addition, modern high-rise buildings have been built with luxurious hotels and banks. All the luxury goods of the West are available in shopping centers. But only the fewest can afford them. The city’s large animal market is well known, where camels, horses, sheep and goats are sold. Donkeys are the most important farm animals.

In which province is N Djamena?
How do I get to N Djamena?
What is the coordinates of N Djamena?

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