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Where is Naples Located

Naples (ital.: Napoli) is the third largest city in Italy – after Rome and Milan. Its population is about 1 million inhabitants. Naples is located about 200 kilometers south of Rome on the Gulf of Naples of the same name on the Tyrrhenian Sea. The surrounding landscape is particularly characterized by the surrounding, partly still active volcanoes. The most famous volcano is Mount Vesuvius. Naples is alive.

Where is Naples Located
Where is Naples Located

Life is literally boiling in this southern Italian city. The port city of Naples offers many sights and a very lively old town. The old town with its lively alleys is located on the territory where the Greeks once founded the city over 2,500 years ago. The climate is Mediterranean all year round, the summer heat is well tolerated on the Gulf of Naples by constant winds. The surrounding area also has a lot to offer, which you can easily reach or visit in the shortest possible time.


Where abouts is Naples in Italy?

The third largest city of Italy is also the capital of Campania: Naples. The metropolis – located directly on the Gulf of the same name – is located about 200 kilometers south of Rome, 150 kilometers west of Foggia and 50 kilometers north of Salerno and the Amalfi coast ending there.

  • italian name: Napoli
  • Geographical location: on the Tyrrhenian Sea (Gulf of Naples)
  • Capital of the province: Naples
  • Capital of the region: Campania
  • Height above sea level: 17 m
  • Population: 957,500
  • Percentage of foreigners: 3.1%

Naples’ history is long and moving. Already in 750 BC, the Greek city of Parthenope arose here, which is considered the origin of the city. Already 250 years later, the place had to be greatly expanded due to immense growth, as a result of which a new city – a second district – had to be founded, which in Greek was called Neapolis. Thanks to a clever alliance policy, the city managed to remain largely independent even during Rome’s expansion, but turned the wrong side during the serious civil wars at the end of the first century BC and was subsequently forced into dependence by Sulla as a Roman provincial city. After the fall of the Roman Empire, first the Lombards, then the Byzantines were the rulers of the city, and the latter was able to gain an almost autonomous status for a certain time in the following centuries.

From 1137 Naples was annexed by the Normans and after them came the Staufers. When the Sicilian royal family took over the government, the city was finally established as their residence and as the economic and cultural flourishing of the empire. The following centuries were nevertheless repeatedly marked by wars, power struggles and changes of ownership and with the founding of the Kingdom of Italy, the city became a part of it, which, however, for a long time struggled with the identification of the state and thereby gave rise to fascism. During the Second World War, the city was often bombed by Allies and in the post-war years it was haunted by the mafia. For several years, however, the authorities have been fighting against them more and more successfully and the city has once again experienced a successful upswing since the mid-90s of the 20th century.

Is Naples in Florida or Italy?
Is Naples in Italy or Sicily?
Is Naples in Greece or Italy?

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