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Where is Nantong Located

At the mouth of the Yangtze River is the city of Nantong in Jiangsu Province. It is one of the first fourteen Chinese coastal cities to open up to international trade. In addition, Nantong is one of the top hundred economically strongest Chinese cities. Among other things, the completion of the Su-Tong Bridge in 2008, which connects the city with its neighbor Suzhou, is responsible for this. Thus, Nantong is the city with the greatest economic growth in the economic zone of the Yangtze River delta.

Where is Nantong Located
Where is Nantong Located

Number three in the Shanghai “bacon belt”
It is undisputed that Nantong succeeded in its economic connection with the completion of the Su-Tong Bridge in 2008. Consequently, along with the cities of Taicang and Kunshan, Nantong established itself as the economic number three in the so-called “bacon belt” of Shanghai. After all, Nantong’s economy generated just under nine percent of the gross national product of the entire Jiangsu province. The aim of the city itself is to keep up with its siblings in the coming years and to become especially attractive for European investors. The residential location in Nantong is also attractive for the European workforce, as it only takes an hour and a half by car to Hongqiao Airport in Shanghai.

Another economic advantage is certainly Nantong’s location. After all, access to the river and the sea, as well as the possession of a sea and river port, are decisive advantages and economic impulses. The most important industrial conurbations in the Yangtze Delta can thus be reached within a radius of one to two hours’ drive. In addition, the city is planned to be connected to the high-speed network in 2018.

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