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Where is Mumbai Located

Mumbai (Bombay), located on the west coast of the subcontinent of India on the Arabian Sea, is one of the megacities of the third world. It is the first port of the country and one of the oldest industrial cities of the subcontinent. Under English rule, it became a center of trade with cotton spinning mills and a trading depot. Nowadays it is a modern industrial city with cotton textile industry, as well as mechanical engineering, automotive industry and pharmaceutical industry.

Where is Mumbai Located
Where is Mumbai Located

The city has over 14 million inhabitants and an enormous population growth. It is the city with the sharpest social contrasts between rich and poor. A variety of ethnic groups from all parts of the country and from abroad live in the Mumbai metropolitan area together with a total of over 21 million people.

Mumbai, the former Bombay, is the capital of the state of Maharashtra and is located on the west coast of India. It, along with Calcutta, is the largest city in India and the main port city of the country. In 1996, the City Council decided to rename the name Bombay to Mumbai, which had already been used by many before. The population of Mumbai is constantly growing – the city is multicultural. The most diverse ethnic groups are at home here. This is also associated with a wide variety of languages and religions, most of which belong to Hinduism and Islam. The city is lively, surrounded by a constant hustle and bustle and in some parts it also seems noisy and hectic. Mumbai has some noteworthy sights such as the Gateway of India, the Elephanta Caves on an island or the Prince of Wales Museum.

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