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Where is Missouri Located

The state of Missouri – the capital is Jefferson City – belongs to the Midwest and is located near the geographical center of the United States. The state owes its name to the Missouri River. The Missouri is the longest tributary of the Mississippi River and with a length of 4,130 kilometers, it is not only longer than the stream into which it flows – for comparison: the Mississippi stretches for 3,778 kilometers – but also the longest river in the USA. Both flow through or border the state of Missouri. Other major rivers include the Grand River, the Platte River, the St. Francis and the White River.

Where is Missouri Located
Where is Missouri Located

With a total area of 180,533 square kilometers, Missouri ranks 21st in size comparison with the other US states. The highest point is the Taum Sauk Mountain at 540 meters above sea level. The lowest point in Missouri – at 70 meters – is located on the Saint Francis River. The average height of Missouri is 240 meters above sea level. Its northern neighbor is Iowa. Missouri borders Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee to the east, and Arkansas to the south. Neighboring states to the west are Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska.

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