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Where is Miami Located

Where is Miami located in the world?

Miami is a large city in the state of Florida in the USA. It is located directly on the Atlantic Ocean and has a large port for cargo and cruise ships. With its beautiful sandy beaches and tropical climate, the city of Miami is a favorite place for tourists. Many well-known people also have a house there.

Where is Miami Located
Where is Miami Located

For a city in the USA, Miami is rather small with its 460,000 inhabitants. However, 5.5 million people already live in the surrounding metropolitan region. That’s about a quarter of Florida’s residents.

On the street “Ocean Drive” in the suburb of Miami Beach, one beach hotel lines up with another. Most of them were built in the style of “Art-Déco”, which was especially popular in the 1920s. Even then, many tourists came to the city.
Due to its proximity to the Caribbean, many Miami residents come from countries such as Cuba, Haiti, Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic. That’s why we speak Spanish in Miami almost as often as English. Some have also founded special neighborhoods in Miami, such as “Little Havana”, translated as “Little Havana”. Havana is the capital of Cuba.

The city of Miami was founded in 1896 and grew especially in the period between the two world wars. In the years after 1980, Miami was one of the most dangerous cities in the USA. Often there was violence between gangs selling drugs. Today it is much safer to visit the city again, even if you still should not visit certain neighborhoods.

The symbol of Miami is the Freedom Tower, the “Freedom Tower”. This high-rise building, built in 1925, now houses an art museum. Also worth seeing is the Miami Seaquarium, which is an oceaneum, where shows with marine animals are also shown. Miami is a sports city: Miami has a team in every league of the major US sports baseball, basketball, ice hockey and football. In addition, the Miami Masters is held every year, which is a tennis tournament.

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