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Where is Medina Located

After Mecca, Medina (also the Enlightened Medina or Medina, the city of the Prophet) is commonly considered the second most important place of Islam.

However, the place is particularly highlighted by the permanent abode of the Messenger of Allah. Here the model of a Muslim community was created, here Allah’s “Din” was determined in its final form and here the Qur’anic revelation was completed.


About Medina, the Prophet said when he emigrated from Mecca to his new homeland: “O Allah, You lead me from a place that is dearest to me (i.e. Mecca) to one that is dearest to you (i.e. Medina).“

The city, which houses the Mosque of the Prophets and the burial place of the Messenger of Allah, is like Mecca in the Hijaz. Both places are about 450 kilometers apart. There is also the Al Baqi‘ cemetery here, where the relatives of the Prophet, as well as many of his companions and members of the early Muslim generations, rest. In addition to the Prophet’s Mosque, you can also visit the two oldest mosques in the world in Medina. Unlike the high, dry Mecca, there is an old tradition of oasis cultivation in and around Medina.

Where is Medina Located
Where is Medina Located

Depending on the school of Law, a visit to the city of the Prophet after the successful end of the Hajj is considered highly recommended or mandatory. Many travelers have described their hajj as purification and inner purification. The subsequent visit of Medina and the Prophet is perceived by many as a moment of relief, peace and a harmonious seal of the journey of their lives.

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Medina is a city in Saudi Arabia. It is located about 400 kilometers north of Mecca. Medina is almost as important to Muslims as Mecca, because it was there that the Prophet Mohammed was able to inspire many people for his religion. The first mosque in the world was also built there by the Prophet.

Mohammed was born in Mecca. According to tradition, it was there that the archangel Gabriel brought him the message of Allah. Muhammad was to pass this on to the people. But hardly anyone in Mecca wanted to know anything about it. People did not believe Mohammed, were afraid for their own religion or for their business. Many of them contradicted Mohammed or even attacked him. Therefore, Mohammed emigrated to Medina with some friends. There he found many followers, all of them lived peacefully with each other. Many wanted to know about Islam. Even from outside, more and more people came to listen to Mohammed. The emigration of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina is called hijra. It was with her that the Muslims began their new reckoning of time according to the lunar calendar.

Today, many Muslims still travel to Medina. They want to see where Muhammad lived and spread Islam first and visit the great mosque where he was later also buried.

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