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Where is Mashhad Located

Almost 1,000 kilometers east of the Iranian capital Tehran is the second largest city in the country, which is considered the holiest city in Iran. Mashhad houses the tomb of Imam Reza, who has an enormous importance for the faithful and makes the city the destination of numerous pilgrims. Discover the religious and cultural significance of Mashhad, the holiest city in Iran, which knows how to fascinate with extraordinary buildings. Immerse yourself in the oriental culture and the special construction that prevails in Mashhad during a visit to the holy Imam Reza Shrine. A unique insight into the religion, culture and history of the country awaits you in the metropolis located east of Tehran.

Where is Mashhad Located
Where is Mashhad Located

Which country is Mashhad?

The city has a population of 2.5 million people. Mashad is world famous because the largest pilgrimage center of the Shiite community is located here: the Imam Reza Shrine. In the middle of the city center is this huge tomb palace, richly decorated with gold, marble and mirrors. It consists of several courtyards, halls and a mosque.

As an Iran traveler, you will already be intercepted at the entrance (south side) and after a short film about the sanctuary, you will only be allowed to tour part of the site and the museums within the complex with a guided tour. Only Muslims are allowed to go to the actual tomb of Imam Reza. Cameras and cameras must remain in lockers. In addition, it is mandatory that women wear a white chador, which can be borrowed at the entrance.

The rest of Mashad is very modern. There are high-rise buildings, shopping malls and wide boulevards. Even the holy Imam Reza shrine is surrounded by huge underground roads that intercept city and pilgrim traffic.

Mashad enjoys an advantageous reputation among Iranians for producing the largest and tastiest melons in all of Iran.

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