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Where is Manitoba Located

Manitoba is the easternmost of the prairie provinces of Canada. It is bordered by Saskatchewan to the west, Ontario to the east, Nunavut to the north, and the U.S. states of North Dakota and Minnesota to the south.

Where is Manitoba Located
Where is Manitoba Located

The name is derived from the Cree word “Manitou bou” (“The Bottleneck of the Great Spirit”) and refers to Lake Manitoba, which is just under a kilometer wide in the middle. A large part of the area is occupied by lakes, such as Lake Winnipeg. The landscape is dominated by hilly farmland in the south as well as the Red River Valley, which stretches in Manitoba from the US border to Lake Winnipeg in a width of up to 80 km. Due to its very good clay soils, intensive arable farming is made possible, despite climatic disadvantages. Summer wheat (Manitoba durum wheat), summer rapeseed, flax, sunflowers, potatoes, summer barley and oats are grown and exported.

North of the 51st degree of latitude, the cultivated arable pasture land turns into an extensive bush forest with birches and conifers. Even further north, the tundra stretches to Hudson Bay.

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