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Where is Manila Located

Where in the world is Manila?

The Philippine capital Manila (about 1.7 million inhabitants) is located on the main island of Luzon, on the eastern shore of Manila Bay – Manila Bay. Manila is the political, cultural and economic center of the country. Numerous theaters and museums, as well as universities and colleges can be found here. Worth seeing in Manila, for example. the old city center of Intramuros, which was named after its 10 m thick city walls. These once protected the Spaniards from the Chinese attacks, or the Masjid Al-Dahab, the “Golden Mosque” in the Quiap district. Also of interest is the Malacañang Palace, a former country house that is now the residence of the President of the Philippines. The wonderful mix of modernity and history is visible in many places in Manila.

Where is Manila Located
Where is Manila Located

However, potential Manila tourism would also like to know what local activities are waiting for you in this part of the Philippines. And here, too, we clearly know the answer! Manila Tourism can first look forward to various hotels for booking. Then the culture in this place is very important. So you can look forward to one of the largest theater scenes in all of Southeast Asia. The William J. Shaw Theater is the most popular theater, where plays and musicals are performed all year round. Then there is the Philippine Experimental Theater Association and others.

What is Manila called now?
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