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Where is Manhattan Located

Manhattan is one of the most popular districts of New York, as it is home to many top attractions such as Central Park, Times Square and the Empire State Building. In our article we give you an overview of sights, history, neighborhoods and everything else you should know about Manhattan.

Where is Manhattan Located
Where is Manhattan Located

Manhattan is an entertainment and cultural district, because many cinemas, theaters and museums are located here. The numerous rooftop bars offer a great panoramic view of the Manhattan skyline. The well-known Nobel streets 5th Avenue and Park Avenue are also popular destinations. Not to mention the uniquely good gastronomic offer.

Manhattan – here you will find most of the sights associated with the city of New York. This also includes the important museums, luxury hotels and the various ethnic neighborhoods such as Chinatown, Harlem and Little Italy.

But the artistic districts of SoHo and Greenwich Village, Broadway and Times Square, the financial center on Wall Street and Fifth Avenue have also shaped the face of the city.

Where exactly is Manhattan located?

When people think of New York, it’s usually images from Manhattan that come to mind first. No wonder, because Manhattan is home to a large part of the sights, streets and buildings that make the “Big Apple” one of the most famous metropolises in the world.

Interesting facts about Manhattan
Of the five “boroughs”, the administrative districts of New York, Manhattan is by far the smallest – and at the same time the most densely populated. More than 1.6 million people live on about 59 square kilometers – that’s more inhabitants than Munich on an area that roughly corresponds to the urban area of Fürth. This figure only includes the resident population; in addition, there are commuters and tourists, so that up to 4 million people stay in Manhattan on a typical weekday.

Manhattan is centrally located between the other districts, with Brooklyn and Queens to the east, the Bronx to the north and Staten Island to the south, which is separated by the “Upper Bay” and can be reached by ferry. To the west, after crossing the Hudson River, the city of Jersey City and thus another state (New Jersey) joins it. Manhattan is a peninsula that is surrounded by the Hudson River, the East River and the Harlem River to the northeast. 22 Bridges and 21 tunnels provide connections to the mainland.

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