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Where is Manchester Located

Manchester is a city in Great Britain, in the north of England. Although the city is located inland, ships can sail into the Irish Sea via a canal. This is the sea between Great Britain and Ireland. Manchester has about 590,000 inhabitants, making it the fourth largest city in the country after London, Birmingham and Glasgow. Manchester and the surrounding area is called “Greater Manchester”. With almost three million inhabitants, this is one of the largest conurbations in the country.

Where is Manchester Located
Where is Manchester Located

About 2000 years ago, the Romans built a military camp on the river Irwell with the name Mancunium castrum. The name is a mixture of Latin and Celtic and roughly means “camp on the breast-shaped hill”. After the Romans left Britain, the Anglo-Saxons settled there and founded a city, which they named Mameceaster in reference to the Roman camp. It later became Manchester.

The textile industry made Manchester big and rich. Already in the late Middle Ages, immigrants from Flanders settled in the city and began to process wool and linen into clothes. A few centuries later, industrialization came to England. Initially, the cotton spinning mills were powered by hydropower from the nearby streams. Later they switched to steam power, for which it took a lot of coal. But also many other things were produced in and around Manchester in large factories.

Short Tips:

With over 500,000 inhabitants, Manchester is something like the capital of northern England, mainly because of its economic importance.

The city has successfully mastered the transformation from an old industrial location to a modern service center (named a major city with the best structural change by the EU in 2003).

The economic success of the city began in the 19th century as an absolute pioneer in the Industrial Revolution (textile manufacturing).

The architectural fusion of modern and rustic worker charm characterizes the cityscape in parts very worth seeing.

The cultural and culinary life in Manchester is bursting at the seams – there is something here for city visitors with all imaginable interests.

Not to forget: King Football rules in Manchester in two ways – traditionally with Manchester United and for several years with Manchester City.

The metropolitan county of Greater Manchester is located in the west of England and is one of the three most densely populated areas in England with a population density of just under 2,000 inhabitants per square kilometer. Greater Manchester has existed in its current form only since 1974 and consists of eight so-called boroughs (= municipalities/districts) and two cities (City of Manchester and City of Salford).

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