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Where is Maine Located

Maine is a state of the United States and part of the New England region.

The origin of the name is unclear. It is probably named after the French landscape Maine, but possibly the name is also a short form of “mainland” (“mainland”). The postal abbreviation of the state is ME. The nickname of Maine is “The Pine Tree State” (“Pine State”). The capital is Augusta.

Where is Maine Located
Where is Maine Located

Maine is the easternmost state on the extreme edge of the USA. The country has an extension from north to south of 515 km between 43° 4’N and 47° 28’N. From east to west the country has a width of 305 km between 66° 57’W and 71° 7’W. Of the 91,646 km2 area, 12.8% (11,715 km2) are water areas.

In the southeast of Maine is the Atlantic Ocean. To the northeast is the Canadian province of New Brunswick. To the northwest is also the Canadian Québec. To the southwest is New Hampshire. Maine is the only U.S. state that borders on exactly one other state.

The highest point of Maine is Mount Katahdin (1,606 m). Maine is the US state with the highest percentage of forests. Since more than 90% of the land area is overgrown with pine trees, among other things, the epithet of the state is “Pine Tree State” (“pine state”). The scenic tranquility attracts numerous tourists. Acadia National Park is the only national park in the area and one of the most visited in the USA.

Forest, lakes, beaches and mountains – Maine is rich in beautiful scenery. Big cities and industries are searched in vain here in the northeast of the USA.

Maine is the northernmost state of New England and borders Canada to the north.
Over 90% of the population is white.
Maine is neither a Democratic nor a Republican stronghold.

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