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Where is Luxembourg Located

What country is Luxembourg under?

Luxembourg is located in Central Europe, on the border with Western Europe. In the west it borders on Belgium, in the east on Germany. In the south is France. Luxembourg does not have access to the sea. It is one of the smaller states in Europe. The total area of the country is 2586 square kilometers.

Where is Luxembourg Located
Where is Luxembourg Located

Together with Belgium and the Netherlands, Luxembourg forms the Benelux countries. The word is composed of the initial letters of the countries. Politically and economically, we work closely together.

On the map you can clearly see that the north of Luxembourg is covered by mountains. They are part of the Ardennes, stretching from Belgium to Luxembourg. The Luxembourgers call the area Ösling. The Ösling is about 400 to 500 meters high. There are plateaus and deep valleys. Luxembourg’s highest mountain is also located in the Ösling, but with an altitude of 560 meters it is more of a hill. His name is Kneiff.

The south of the country is called Gutland. Gutland covers 68 percent of the national territory. The land here is lower and is mainly used for agriculture, as it is very fertile. More people live here than in the north. Not only the capital Luxembourg is located here, but also the nearest larger towns Esch an der Alzette, Differdingen and Dudelange. In the east, the river Moselle borders the Gutland, which here also forms the border with Germany.

The name Luxembourg probably derives from Lützelburg, which means “small castle”. It was built in 963 by Siegfried, Count of the Ardennes. Luxembourg is a Grand Duchy – the last in the world.

The longest river in Luxembourg is the Sauer, with a total length of 173 kilometers. It flows through the Oesling with many turns and finally flows into the Moselle. Tributaries of the Sauer are the Alzette, the Our and the Prüm. On the Sauer you can cycle and paddle on it with canoes.

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