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Where is Lucknow Located

Lucknow is the capital of Uttar Pradesh and also the largest city of this state.
The settlement can be traced back at least to the 8th century BC; in its current form, Lucknow was founded in 1528 on the orders of Babur, the founder of the Indian Mughal Empire. In the middle of the 18th century, with the growing influence of the Nawabs (governors), the center of power of the empire shifted to the province of Avadh, whose capital became Lucknow in 1775.

Where is Lucknow Located
Where is Lucknow Located

Although this marked the beginning of a period of state decline and decadence for India, the fine arts, literature, dance and music flourished in Lucknow. Since then, Lucknow has been considered a multicultural city of culture. This starts with the language, because the purest Hindi and Urdu are spoken here, whereby the Urdu influenced by Persian – otherwise preferred by the Muslim population – is the lingua franca here. But Lucknow is also famous for its particularly refined cuisine.
Today, Lucknow is not only a city of culture, but also of economy. Good schools, infrastructure, universities and research centers provide the basis for this. Almost all major companies in India have at least one representative office in Lucknow, especially the IT and biotechnology industries are flourishing.

Why is Lucknow famous?
Is Lucknow a rich city?
Which part of India is Lucknow?
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