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Where is Lu’An Located

The city of Lu’an, China
The city of Lu’an is located at the northern foot of Dabie Mountain and is nicknamed “Wanxi” (West Anhui). The main attractions are the Tiantang Zhai National Park, the Anfeng Reservoir (historical water project) and the ancient city of Shouxian.

Where is Lu'An Located
Where is Lu’An Located

The friendly-partnership relationship between the city of Lu’an, Anhui Province, China and the Hanover region has been in place since April 15, 2012.
Lu’an has about 4.8 million inhabitants
The city has 5 district cities and 2 city districts, as well as an economic and technical development zone and a model industrial park for business transfer
Lu’an covers an area of 15,500 km2
The mayor is Pan Dongxhu (since 08/2021)

Beginnings and contents of the partnership
A friendly-partnership relationship with the city of Lu’an has existed since April 15, 2012. An exchange and cooperation in the fields of business and trade, science and technology, culture, medicine, education and personnel development have been agreed.
Since the agreement, a number of bilateral delegation visits have taken place.
Highlights of the partnership were also the Chinese Culture Week in the Hanover region, a hospital internship by doctors from the city of Lu’an at the Siloah Clinic and a vocational school exchange between the BBS Neustadt and the Lu’an Vocational Technical College.

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