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Where is Lanzhou Located

Lanzhou is the capital of northwestern Gansu Province. The city of Lanzhou is not only the geometric center of China, but also a center in the north-western region in the area of transport routes, telecommunications and the circle of Silk Road tourism. With an area of 1613.6 square kilometers, Lanzhou City is home to a population of 3.14 million people, including people of Han nationality, Bao’an nationality, Dongxiang nationality, Tibet nationality, Yugu nationality, Sala nationality and other nationalities.

Where is Lanzhou Located
Where is Lanzhou Located

Chinese name: 兰州
Chinese Pinyin: lán zhōu
Area: 3085.6 sq km
Population: 3.69 million.
Phone Code: 0931
Time Zone: (UTC+8)
Lanzhou was a link between the center of China and the western regions and at the same time an indispensable city on the Silk Road, in Chinese Si Chou Zhi Lu. Nowadays Lanzhou is also the center of the Silk Road. To the east of this city are the Maiji Caves, to the west the Bingling and Thousand Buddha Caves, to the south the Labrang Monastery and to the north the Kunhuang-Mogao-Höhlen.Im South and north Lanzhou is encircled by mountains. And the Yellow River flows through it from east to west. Lanzhou is a beautiful modern city, comparable not only with the grandiose beauty of the cities in the North China, but also the cuteness of the cities in the South China.Since Lanzhou is the only provincial capital through which the Mother River, the Yellow River, flows, the landscape along the Yellow River should definitely not be missed. No matter what you want to choose, to walk along the river, to cross the First Bridge of the Yellow River or to drink a cup of tea to the “Eight Cheap Teens” in the water Mill park, you will definitely be fascinated by Lanzhou with its harmonious combination of modernity and old.

Which part of China is Lanzhou?
What is Lanzhou famous for?
Is Lanzhou a big city?
Why was Lanzhou important to the Silk Road?

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