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Where is Lahore Located

How big is Lahore?

Lahore is the second largest city in Pakistan after Karachi and the provincial capital of the Punjab. The city has an area of 1,772 km2 and a population of 1.13 million (as of 2017).

How is Lahore pronounced?
Lahore is pronounced “La hor”.

Where is Lahore Located
Where is Lahore Located

How old is Lahore?
One of the Lahore facts that really surprised us: the history of Lahore goes back 2000 years. Some historians even claim that it goes back up to 4000 years. In the earliest times, the city was a colony of the Kangra Hill Kingdom and a truncated community on the trade route to Delhi. In the pre-Muslim era, it hardly had a reputation.


Pakistan is still full of puzzles and surprises. This makes it the perfect travel destination for all the adventurous out there. Especially the metropolis Lahore in Pakistan has done it for us. Here they still slumber, the many untold stories, the myths and secrets. In this article, we will introduce you to 33 interesting Lahore facts and, telling you a lot of interesting facts, answer many common questions about Lahore at the same time.

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Islamabad and Lahore are connected by a 300-kilometer super-comfortable highway. It runs through the country in multiple lanes and we glide over the asphalt at a pleasant cruising speed. The air conditioning in the car of our carpooling does a good job. While the temperature outside seems to be rising by the minute, we are sitting inside air-conditioned and let ourselves taste popsicles.

Is Lahore part of India or Pakistan?
Why is Lahore famous?
What language is spoken in Lahore?
Where is Lahore located in India?

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