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Where is Lagos Located

Lagos is the former capital and the largest city of Nigeria. The greater Lagos area has become the second largest urban agglomeration in Africa. Lagos is the most important commercial and economic center and cultural metropolis of Nigeria. As an expression of sharp contrasts between rich and poor, slums are growing in the city.

Where is Lagos Located
Where is Lagos Located

Which country has Lagos?

Lagos is Nigeria’s largest city and former capital. The city is located not far from the border with Benin on three islands connected by bridges, on the Bay of Benin (pictured).

The city got its name from the Portuguese when it was founded around 1650. They named it after a small port city in the south of Portugal. In the following centuries, Lagos developed under the influence of the Portuguese. It was an important center of the slave trade in West Africa until the beginning of the 19th century.

The city has not lost its importance to this day, although it had to cede its role as the state capital to Abuja in 1991.

If you add the surrounding area to this, then almost 10 million people live in the greater Lagos area. This makes the city the second largest urban agglomeration in Africa after Cairo.

What is Lagos known for?
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