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Where is La Paz Located

Which country is La Paz in?

If you travel to South America, you can’t get past Bolivia and thus La Paz. The city is colorful, varied and pulsates day and night. Let me give you a little insight into the Bolivian attitude to life with its impressive mixture of culture, folklore and modern city life.

Where is La Paz Located
Where is La Paz Located
La Paz
La Paz

At first glance, La Paz seems like an impenetrable jungle of houses, but once you are there for a few days, you will quickly have a good overview of the highlights of the city. I will give you tips for getting there and possible ways to get around.

Arriving by plane
When you fly to La Paz, you will land at the Aeropuerto Internacional El Alto, the international airport of the huge metropolis. From Germany you usually have to plan at least one stopover and the flight time is more than 16 hours. When you arrive, please note that you will land at over 4000 meters above sea level and will be exposed to completely different conditions relatively suddenly.

Altitude sickness with symptoms such as nausea, dizziness and headaches is not uncommon here. If you drink a lot and look for a hotel in the southern part of the city for the first few days, which is located lower, you may be lucky and get away without the above complaints. It is best to observe yourself in the first day, if you have a headache that does not want to subside even after several days, then consult a doctor on the spot. You can find more information on this topic below.

Is La Paz in Mexico or Bolivia?
Is La Paz in Mexico or Baja California?
What state in Mexico is La Paz the capital of?

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