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Where is Kowloon Located

The Kowloon Peninsula is completely geared towards tourism and has countless, unforgettable and fascinating faces. It is magnificent with a view of Port Victoria and Hong Kong Island, a cinema star on the Avenue of the Stars, spiritual in the Tin Hau temple, legendary in the Hotel Peninsula, cultural in the art- or history Museum, traditional with the bird market, scientific in the Space Museum, green and romantic in Kowloon Park, mesmerizing by the thousands of neon lights, unusual with the goldfish market, endless like Nathan Road, which divides it in the middle, lively and bubbling in the impressive Mongkok district, sparkling every evening at 20 o’clock during the symphony of lights, popular and mysterious at the night market in Temple Street with its fortune tellers… and always beguiling, cosmopolitan, magical, dense, hectic and eclectic! This is the Kowloon Peninsula.

Where is Kowloon Located
Where is Kowloon Located

The Kowloon Peninsula: what to do?
Taking the Star Ferry between Hong Kong and the Kowloon Peninsula: you will not get tired of sailing on these legendary ships in the midst of the cosmopolitan crowd and admiring the dizzying architectural achievements.
Take part in a karaoke… this is absolutely part of it here! And also the afternoon Tea as a reverberation of the former British Crown colony should not be missed! The renowned hotels have great and simply irresistible services to offer in this area. The afternoon tea of the Hotel Peninsula is very popular.
There are numerous opportunities for walks throughout the city. Walk along the long Nathan Road, strewn with neon lights; relax in the English-style Kowloon Park; plunge into the shopping centers “Langham Place Mall” and “Harbour City” (the largest in the city)… Don’t miss the magnificent art museum and the Space Museum; enter the beautiful Tin Hau Temple dedicated to the goddess of the sea. And as in Hollywood, here you can see the handprints of the stars on the Avenue of the Stars!
At night, take a tour to the Temple Street Market – there are the most unusual Asian items!

This district on the eastern half of the Kowloon Peninsula consists of old neighborhoods, leafy suburbs, historical sites and the former Kai Tak Airport, which is currently being converted into a recreation area.

In between you will find colorful ethnic enclaves, such as Little Thailand with its shops full of fresh herbs from Southeast Asia, fruits and spices and of course delicious Thai food. Or the Chiu Chow, who once came from eastern Guangdong. Where the communities merged with each other, an interesting and unique mixed culture was created.

The history of Kowloon City is also varied: this area existed long before modern Hong Kong, its roots go back to the 13th century. Today, coffee shops can be found in the historic houses, old villages have been revived, and former industrial plants have long since become artists’ quarters. Here are also the remains of the infamous “Kowloon Walled City”, a Chinese enclave that had developed into an unusual slum town. Since the demolition, there is now a park with an old administration building from the Qing Dynasty, which was once part of the slum.

Is Kowloon part of Hong Kong or China?
Does Kowloon still exist?
Is Kowloon a city or district?
Why was Kowloon City destroyed?

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