Where is Kota Bharu Located - Where Located

Where is Kota Bharu Located

Which country is Kota Bharu?

Kota Bharu is a city in Malaysia. It is located about 338 km north of the capital Kuala Lumpur. There are about 491,000 inhabitants in Kota Bharu.

Tourist is Kota Bharu (500 000 Ew.), the capital of the Sultanate of Kelantan, not a highlight. Once one of the gateways to Thailand, it has also become quieter in this respect, because for the Thai province on the other side of the border there has been a travel warning for many years, so that only a few tourists use the border crossing.

Where is Kota Bharu Located
Where is Kota Bharu Located
Kota Bharu
Kota Bharu

What is Kota Bharu known for?
Which state is Kota Bharu in Malaysia?
Is Kota Bharu a town?

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