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Where is Kentucky Located

Kentucky – officially: The Commonwealth of Kentucky – is an American state that separates the Midwest from the Deep South of the country. The capital is Frankfort. The name Kentucky is said to be derived from a word of the Iroquois. The state is known above all for the whiskey distilleries located there and for its thoroughbred horses. Because of its blue-green shimmering grass pastures in spring, Kentucky also bears the nickname Bluegrass State.
The bluegrass or meadow panicle grass is a sweet grass widely used as a forage plant. Due to the special soil conditions of Kentucky, the leaves of the meadow panicle grass growing there have a special blue-green coloration.

Where is Kentucky Located
Where is Kentucky Located

Kentucky has an area of about 104,659 square kilometers. The national territory stretches from north to south for a length of 225 kilometers, and from east to west for a width of 610 kilometers. On average, the territory of Kentucky is 230 meters above sea level. The highest elevation in the state is the Black Mountain with a height of 1,263 meters. The lowest point of Kentucky is located on the Mississippi River at an altitude of 78 meters above sea level.

Which country is Kentucky located?

Kentucky is a state of the United States of America. The name of the state is of Shawnese or Iroquois origin, possibly from Wyandot, with the meaning “meadow”, “floodplain”, “corridor”, in Senecaic, also an Iroquois language, the word geda’geh means “in the field”.

In addition to the states of Virginia, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, Kentucky has the official name “Commonwealth of Kentucky” in contrast to the otherwise usual member state designation as a “state”. The nickname Bluegrass State, which refers to the blue-green flowering grass pastures from March to April, is a common paraphrase of Kentucky.

Kentucky is located between 36°30′ and 39°9′ north latitude and between 81°58′ and 89°34′ west longitude. The national territory thus extends over 225 km in north-southern and 610 km in east-western extent and covers 104,659 km2.

Kentucky borders the Midwestern and southern United States. It is located between West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. To the north it is bounded by the Ohio River.

It is the only US state with an exclave that is only surrounded by other states: in western Kentucky in Fulton County, the small strip of land of the Kentucky Bend formed by the New Madrid earthquake of 1811 is located on the Mississippi, bordered by the state of Missouri and accessible only via Tennessee.

Which part of USA is Kentucky?
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