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Where is Karachi Located

Karachi is considered the largest city in Pakistan and is the capital of Sindh province. Until 1959, it was even the capital of the country. The Pakistani city is located on the edge of the estuary delta of the Indus River, which flows into the Arabian Sea there. Karachi is located between many hills. Two rivers, the Malir and the Liari, flow through the Pakistani city. The city has an area of 3,527 square kilometers and is inhabited by 12.8 million people.

Where is Karachi Located
Where is Karachi Located


If you want to learn more about the history of Pakistan and South Asia, there is a large selection of various museums in the city that deal with exactly this topic. The most interesting museums are the National Museum, the Mohatta Palace Museum, the Pakistan Air Force Museum and the Pakistan Naval Museum.

Are you planning a trip to Karachi, Pakistan? A stop in the bustling metropolis on the Persian Gulf is simply part of traveling to Pakistan. The city is the economic engine of the whole country – this is not least due to the huge port. Our Karachi travel guide is designed to simplify your travel planning. We will tell you our favorite Karachi sights and the best highlights. We also give you tips for getting to Karachi in Pakistan, recommend hotels, means of transport, restaurants and more.

We can already tell you one thing: the port city of Karachi in Pakistan can be quite overwhelming. Almost no other city in Pakistan is so noisy, so hectic and so crowded. Karachi is the beauty and the beast all in one. A city with many faces.

Is Karachi in Pakistan or India?
What Karachi is famous for?
What is Karachi now called?
What was the old name of Karachi?

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