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Where is Kaohsiung Located

Where in Taiwan is Kaohsiung?

Kaohsiung is located on the southwest coast of the island of Taiwan. With more than 2 million inhabitants, Kaohsiung (Gaoxiong) is the second largest city in Taiwan and one of the most important industrial centers. Kaohsiung is the most important port of the island.

Where is Kaohsiung Located
Where is Kaohsiung Located

Taiwan has an area of 35,900 km2. At the longest point, the island is 377 km long, the maximum width is 142 km. The island is separated from China by the Strait of Taiwan, and from the Philippines by the Strait of Luzon. To the east, the Philippine Basin borders Taiwan.

Kaohsiung is the second largest city in Taiwan. It is located on a harbor and has numerous parks, cultural centers, restaurants and cafés, and – not to forget – the best bakery in the world: Wu Pao Chun Bakery! The lake Loto leads to the tiger and dragon pagodas. After about a forty-minute drive you will reach the largest Buddhist temple on the island: the famous Foguangshan Temple. You can experience the special spirituality of this place especially up close by spending a night in the monastery.

Kaohsiung is characterized by a cosmopolitan lifestyle and bustling activity. The third largest metropolis in Taiwan is an economic prime example. It has the largest overseas port on the island and, like Taipei, has an international airport. With its huge container port, dry dock and ship scrapping facility, the port of Kaohsiung does not need to shy away from international comparison. The wide streets of the city with their modern high-rise buildings made of steel and glass form a strong contrast to rural Taiwan.

However, Kaohsiung is more than just an industrial center. There are some notable tourist attractions in the city and in its immediate vicinity. On the Shoushan (“Mountain of Longevity”) there are many temples, gazebos and shady terraces. From the martyr’s shrine on the top of the mountain you have an impressive view over the city. Refuge from the summer heat can be found in Hsitzu Bay, located not far from Shoushan on the outskirts of Kaohsiung, and on the black sandy beach of Chichin on a narrow island.

Is Taiwan Japanese or Chinese?
Which country is Kaohsiung Taiwan?
What language is spoken in Kaohsiung Taiwan?

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