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Where is Kanpur Located

Kanpur or “Kanhpur” as it was originally referred to is additionally referred to as the Manchester of the East. Kanpur is now the essential modern focus of Uttar Pradesh, an Indian state and is located on the banks of the Ganga River.The city is big and has a great historical, commercial and religious significance today.

Where is Kanpur Located
Where is Kanpur Located

The city has many attractions and one can use the Kanpur map to discover and unfold the secrets of the city. Many visitors love to visit the place, as there are several places at attractions and can easily be reached by the efficient operation of transport provided by the city administration. There are several places of importance near Kanpur which can be seen in the map and use it to explore the city which is well known for many things like leather, textile, monuments, temples, zoo, forest etc.

Why is Kanpur so famous?
Where is Kanpur in which state?
Is Kanpur a good city to live?
What was Kanpur originally known as?

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