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Where is Jamaica Located

What part of the world is Jamaica in?

Jamaica is located in the Caribbean. The island is also a state, that is, an island state. The island belongs to the archipelago of the Greater Antilles with Cuba, Hispaniola (on which Haiti and the Dominican Republic are located) and Puerto Rico (which belongs to the USA). Cuba is the northern neighbor, Haiti is the eastern one.

Where is Jamaica Located
Where is Jamaica Located

The name Jamaica is derived from the word Xaymaca. It comes from the language of the Arawak, who lived here before the Europeans came to the island. It means “land of wood and water” or “land of springs”.

Jamaica is 235 kilometers long and between 35 and 82 kilometers wide. In addition to the main island, coral islands still belong to Jamaica. 100 kilometers to the southwest are the Pedro Cays and 60 kilometers to the southeast are the Morant Cays. The Cays are all uninhabited. The largest cities are Kingston, Portmore, Spanish Town and Montego Bay. The cities are mostly located on the coast, where the country is shallower.

Jamaica is quite mountainous. The mountains in the center drop quite steeply to the north, to the south they run flatter. To the east are the Blue Mountains with the highest mountain in the country, the Blue Mountain Peak. It measures 2256 meters. Because the peaks of the Blue Mountains sometimes look blue, they are called “Blue Montains”, i.e. Blue Mountains. On the coast there are also shallower plains in the west and south. On the map you can see them in green.

Many small rivers originate in the mountains. The longest is the Rio Minho, which originates in the center and flows south into the Caribbean Sea. If there is little rain, some sections remain completely dry. The second longest river is the Black River with 53 kilometers.

A well-known waterfall in Jamaica is the Dunn’s River waterfall. The water falls down in wide terraces. You can see him in the photo show below.

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