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Where is Indianapolis Located

Indiana is a state in the north of the USA and belongs to the Great Lakes region (Great Lakes). The state is nicknamed the Hoosier State and the residents are referred to as Hoosiers. The nickname dates back to 1830 in response to a poem, but no one really knows the meaning of Hoosier.

Where is Indianapolis Located
Where is Indianapolis Located

Indiana is bordered by the state of Michigan to the north, Illinois to the west, Ohio to the east and Kentucky to the south. The state is located on Lake Michigan. The Ohio River runs along the entire southern border of the state.

Where is Indianapolis located what state?

Indianapolis is not only the largest city with almost 800,000 inhabitants, but also the capital of the state of Indiana. One of the most famous attractions is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, opened in 1909, which is internationally known for the world’s largest one-day sporting event, the famous Indy 500 race, attracting visitors from all over the world. More about Indianapolis.

Like no other state in the USA, the 19th state of the Union pays respect to the indigenous people of the continent in its very name: “Indiana” means “land of the Indians” – even if today less than half a percent of the population is still descended from the proud tribes of the Shawnee, Potawatomi or Wea.

Today, this former Indian territory is characterized by vast fields and modern cities. Indiana in the Middle East of the USA belongs to the breadbasket of the United States, and its areas are used intensively accordingly. Therefore, the traveler will look in vain for spectacular national parks or lonely expanses. For this, a lot of culture and sports opportunities, many historical sites, great lakes, interesting cities and a lot of exciting attractions for children await him.

Indiana has two natural boundaries. In the north, Lake Michigan partly defines the border with Michigan, another part of the border runs on land. To the south, the Ohio River is the natural common border of Indiana and Kentucky. To the east is Ohio as a neighboring state, to the west it is Illinois. Indiana is a flat country, whose highest elevation (“Hoosier Hill”) with 383 meters is not really worth mentioning from a tourist point of view. Much more remarkable, on the other hand, are the lakes of the country. However, in addition to some cities, the huge, seemingly eternal fields, which the traveler passes by, and the extensive farm facilities, such as they hardly occur in Europe, are really formative. Pig and cattle breeding is carried out here, from here the USA receives large parts of its wheat. Soybeans and corn are also grown in Indiana, in addition, the climate even allows the growing of tobacco plants. Milk and dairy products, poultry and eggs are also finding their way to supermarkets all over the United States on a large scale from Indiana.

Is Indianapolis a state or a city?
Is Indianapolis in Indiana or Illinois?
How far is Indianapolis from Indiana?

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