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Where is Huai’an Located

When you open the website of the city of Huai’an, you can see the figure of the great Zhou Enlai, who directs his peaceful gaze into the distance. In the past, Huai’an was widely known as the hometown of the first prime Minister of the PRC. Today, the image of Huai’an is no longer limited to an “old revolutionary base” – with a long history, a favorable geographical location and rich resources, Huai’an forms an important transport hub between north and south and a production base for agricultural products. Thus, today this significant historical city has become a new industrial city.

Where is Huai'an Located
Where is Huai’an Located

When we arrived in Huai’an, it was evening. The city showed itself in the sunset as a modern city with a long cultural tradition.

Huai’an is directly subordinate to the Jiangsu Provincial Administration and is located in the middle of the Subei Plain. Huai’an is also called Huaiyin (“shadow side” of the Huai River, that is, south of the Huai River – according to the onomasiological tradition of China, a place on the south side of the mountain or on the north bank of a river is called “yang”, the “sunny side”, while a place on the corresponding opposite side is called “yin”, the “shadow side”). The city and its surrounding area have a total area of over 10,000 square kilometers and a 2,000-year-old brilliant cultural tradition.

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