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Where is Hong Kong Located

The former British Crown Colony of Hong Kong is located on the south China coast, approximately at the geographical height of Mexico City or Hawaii. In many cases, Hong Kong is only seen as a big city, but it is much more.

in 1842, the Chinese government had to cede the island of “Hong Kong Island” to the British Kingdom after the lost opium War. in 1860, after another lost war, the cession of the peninsula “Kowloon”, which is opposite “Hong Kong Island”, followed.

Is Hong Kong part of China
Is Hong Kong part of China

Hong Kong is a country located in the south of China and in the Pearl River delta. The dwarf state has a total area of only 1,110 km2 and a total coastal length of 733 km. This landmass is approximately 1.2 times the size of Berlin. This makes Hong Kong one of the smallest countries in Asia and ranks 187th worldwide in terms of area. With 6,740 inhabitants per km2, it is one of the most densely populated countries on Earth. Urbanization in the country has progressed to such an extent that all residents are now counted among the urban population.

The highest peak of the country (Tai Mo Shan) is located at an altitude of 957 meters. The country includes 263 partially uninhabited islands. China is the only directly adjacent neighboring country of Hong Kong. The distance between Berlin and the capital Hong Kong is approximately 8,760 km.

Is Hong Kong in China or Asia
Is Hong Kong in China or Asia

Hong Kong or Hong Kong is a city in the south of China. It is located in a special area where different rules apply than in the rest of China. It is called the “Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China”. More than seven million people live in the area, almost as many as in the whole of Austria.

For about 150 years the area was a colony of Great Britain. That is why many people there speak not only the Chinese language Cantonese, but also English. Compared to China, but also to Europe, most of the inhabitants are wealthy. Many companies and banks are based in Hong Kong.

Another 38 years later, the British Kingdom leased a large part of the surrounding area from China, the so-called “New Territories”, as well as over 230 mostly uninhabited islands: the “Outlying Islands”. These almost 1100 square kilometers make up the area of Hong Kong to this day.

Hong Kong Map
Hong Kong Map

Despite or precisely because of this small area, which accounts for less than a third of Mallorca, everything is oversized in Hong Kong. More than seven million people live in the city-state.

Since the coast on which Hong Kong is located is very rugged and mountainous, not all areas are suitable for housing. The settlements are distributed on the shallower coastal areas and in the lowlands of the valleys.

In order to be able to provide this enormous amount of people with enough living space, a correspondingly high building is being built. The entire settlement areas consist almost exclusively of high-rise buildings.

A way out of the constant lack of space: land heaps on the coast. For example, the new airport of the city, which was put into operation in 1998, is built on a completely raised artificial island.

Is Hong Kong part of China?
Is Hong Kong a country or city?
Is Hong Kong in China or Asia?
Is Hong Kong China or Taiwan?

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