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Where is Hollywood Located

Where exactly is Hollywood located?

If you are planning a holiday on the west coast of the USA, you can’t miss the Golden State of California. Especially metropolises like Los Angeles promise many unforgettable travel moments. A visit to Hollywood, probably the most famous district of L.A., is the dream of many USA tourists. Stroll along the famous Walk of Fame and don’t miss a photo stop at the legendary Hollywood Sign in the Hollywood Hills!

Where is Hollywood Located
Where is Hollywood Located

Hollywood is a part of the city of Los Angeles in the USA, in the state of California. The district is well known because there are many companies producing films here. There are also famous film studios in Hollywood, such as the Walt Disney company, which has already produced many animated films.

When you say “Hollywood”, you mean the big, successful cinema films that you see all over the world. Hollywood is also associated with the important film award Oscar or actresses and actors such as Sandra Bullock, Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christoph Waltz, Tom Hanks and Brad Pitt.

It’s warm and sunny in Hollywood, just like the Mediterranean. In the past, it was even more important to have a lot of daylight when making films. In 1910, the first film was shot in Hollywood. Just five years later, most American films were made near Los Angeles. Previously, the most important city for the American film was New York, the largest city in the USA.

Hollywood makes more out of your USA vacation! In the heart of Los Angeles, you can meet the everyday life of so many movie stars here, because the American film industry is still based in Hollywood today. Universal Studios and Warner Bros. Studios, for example, have their domicile in this fashionable district. If you are one of the outstanding stars of Hollywood cinema, a visit to Hollywood Boulevard will tell you. Here is the famous Walk of Fame, which can also be easily identified from the striking Kodak Theater.

Start your in one of the most vibrant neighborhoods of Los Angeles! A selection of hotels and other travel tips for the USA West Coast will let you get a little closer to your American Dream while traveling.

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