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Where is Hollywood Beach Located

Hollywood Beach is one of the recommended Florida destinations for swimming and beach holidays. The resort is located on the east coast of Florida, halfway between Fort Lauderdale in the north and Miami Beach in the south. Due to its beautiful and kilometer-long beaches, Hollywood Beach is one of the most visited holiday resorts on the east coast. The so-called Gold Coast not only invites you to leisure and water sports activities, but also to long walks along the promenade. There you can stop at restaurants or cafes at any time.

Where is Hollywood Beach Located
Where is Hollywood Beach Located
Hollywood Beach
Hollywood Beach

A lot of comfort is provided in the hotels and resorts of Hollywood Beach. If you are traveling in Florida, you will encounter a lot of glamour at all. The US state, also known as the Sunshine State, is also the home of many celebrities. One of the highlights of almost every Florida trip is the trip to Orlando. The capital offers families in particular an attractive leisure offer and is easily accessible from Hollywood Beach on a day trip. If you want to explore the charming natural scenery of Florida instead, you should follow the coastline in a southerly direction to the Florida Keys.

Is Hollywood Beach in Miami or Fort Lauderdale?
What is Hollywood Beach Florida known for?
Is Hollywood Beach better than Miami beach?
Is Hollywood Beach Florida a nice area?

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