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Where is Hämeenlinna Located

The Hämeenlinna region is located in the middle of southern Finland. From Helsinki and Helsinki Airport it takes about 1 hour by car or train. The city of Hämeenlinna and the neighboring municipalities of Janakkala and Hattula represent an ancient and historical part of Finland. It is a great place to experience the real Finland during a stay in the country. The region offers a unique mix of old and new, nature and culture, urban sceneries and rural landscapes – all in harmony and easy to experience all year round.

Where is Hämeenlinna Located
Where is Hämeenlinna Located

The Finnish city of Hämeenlinna is a lively cultural and commercial center and surrounded by countless beautiful lakes. Thanks to the numerous popular excursion destinations in the area and the transport-wise advantageous location, the city has turned into a paradise for Finland lovers!

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