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Where is Hamar Located

The town of Hamar is located on the beautiful lake Mjøsa and impresses with the surrounding forests. In addition to the beautiful Domkirkeodden Museum, Hamar seduces its visitors with its culinary diversity and its great sights.

  1. Province: Innlandet
  2. Population: 31,509 (as of 2021)
  3. Coordinates: 60° 48’N, 11° 4’O
  4. Language: Norwegian
  5. Currency: Norwegian Krone NOK
Where is Hamar Located
Where is Hamar Located

The historical garden is located on the farm Hovelsrud Gård on Helgøya and has been reconstructed as it looked around 1840.

The beautiful paths made of gravel surrounded by bushes with berries and fruit trees invite you to take an extensive walk.

In addition to a herb garden with historical plant species, there are other beautifully planted rows of flowers and shrubs.

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