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Where is Haikou Located

Haikou is the provincial capital of Hainan and the largest city on the resort island. Haikou is located in the northeast of Hainan, opposite the Chinese coast, where the provinces of Guangxi and Guangdong meet. Haikou is separated from mainland China by the Strait of Qiongzhou. Haikou is the economic center of Hainan Island and has become one of the most important and famous holiday resorts on Hainan. Haikou attracts thousands of visitors from mainland China and abroad every year.

Where is Haikou Located
Where is Haikou Located

Facts about Haikou
Haikou, including the surrounding villages, has an area of about 2300 square kilometers. The urban area of Haikou has about 830,000 inhabitants, while the entire administrative area, including the suburbs, has even over 1.5 million inhabitants. As in the rest of Hainan, the population consists of a large number of Chinese nationalities, with the Han nationality representing the vast majority at 97.5%.

Hainan has been a province in the south of the People’s Republic of China since 1988, which consists of various islands. Previously, the now southernmost province of the People’s Republic was an administrative part of Guangdong Province (canton). The largest of the islands is also called Hainan.

Since the island of Hainan was designated a special economic zone in 1988, it has experienced continuous growth. Today it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in China. After tourism, domestic agriculture is the second largest economic factor.

While the island used to be an exile for disgraced Chinese civil servants and later mainly backpackers came, Hainan has been gaining in reputation for several years and is now probably the world’s most famous tourist paradise of the People’s Republic. Especially Sanya in the south of the island is becoming more and more popular as a holiday destination. The Sanya region attracts visitors with the finest sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Especially in recent years, a lot has been invested in the tourist infrastructure and many new hotels have been created in all star categories. In addition, several golf courses have been built in recent years.

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