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Where is Guangzhou Located

Guangzhou (canton) is located in southern China on the Pearl River and is the capital of Guangdong Province. Guanzhou has about 13 million inhabitants. The proximity to Hong Kong and the import and export fair, which takes place twice a year, have shaped the image of the city in the West. Guangzhou is all about trade. Once the city was the starting point of the “Silk Road on the Sea”. From 1757 to 1842, it was the only place in China where foreign merchants were allowed to settle. The climate is pleasantly subtropical with an average temperature of 22 degrees. In Guangzhou, people speak Cantonese, a dialect that is so different from Mandarin Chinese that some researchers are inclined to recognize Cantonese as their own language.

Where is Guangzhou Located
Where is Guangzhou Located

Guangzhou is an important port city and also a well-known ancient cultural city of China. Already in the Qin period, Guangzhou was the seat of government of Nanhai Prefecture. It is the first coastal city in China to be opened to the outside world. The world-famous Guangzhou Export Goods Fair is held twice a year. Attractions of the city: the Zhenhai Tower, the tomb of the Nanyue King, the ancestral temple of the Chen family, the Liurong Temple, the memorial hall for Dr. Sun Yat-Sen.

Canton is famous for its cuisine. Here, looking at the displays of restaurants, one can find confirmation of the old saying that Chinese eat everything that has four legs, except tables and chairs, and everything that flies, except airplanes. Even the stroll through the restaurant districts and over the markets is impressive. But no one has to worry about being served an exotic animal such as a turtle or bamboo rat “by mistake”. These dishes are very expensive and even the normal Chinese does not eat something like that. Instead, you should stick to all the delicacies that Cantonese cuisine has to offer. The delicious sweet and sour sauce, which has its origin here, is famous and known all over the world. The sauces and dishes are mild and slightly sweet. As everywhere in China, emphasis is placed on fresh ingredients. A lot of vegetables and seafood characterize the Cantonese dishes.

With over 10 million inhabitants, Canton is one of the larger cities in China. Getting a weather forecast for other cities such as the Imperial City of Xian, Hong Kong or the much smaller Guilin is easy on the Internet. When we wanted to know what kind of weather was predicted for Canton before our round trip through China, we were unlucky, because:
There is no canton!

If you are looking for a flight to Canton at Guilin Airport, you will also be unlucky, because: (see above)
There is no canton!

If you don’t believe this and consult a Chinese map, you can only find one thing:
There is no such thing as a canton in China.

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