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Where is Grenada Located

Grenada is an island country in the Caribbean, where it is one of the islands of the Lesser Antilles. You can see where Grenada is located on the map. Grenada includes the main island and other islands from the Grenadines group. The largest of these southern Grenadines (the northern ones belong to St. Vincent and the Grenadines) is Carriacou. St. Vincent and the Grenadines is the northern neighbor, Venezuela is the southern one about 200 kilometers away. Grenada is named after the Spanish city of Granada, because the landscape probably reminded the Spanish conquerors of Andalusia.

Where is Grenada Located
Where is Grenada Located

Grenada’s islands were formed from former volcanoes. That is why the soil is very fertile and that is why it is also quite hilly. Mount Saint Catherine on the main island of Grenada is the highest mountain with 840 meters. From the mountains, many small rivers flow into the sea. In the interior there are several old crater lakes, the largest is the Grand Etang Lake. On the coast there are many beautiful sandy beaches. Grenada measures 34 kilometers at its widest point and is 19 kilometers long.

Carriacou is the second largest island. It is surrounded by coral reefs and is flatter with a maximum height of 291 meters. Clouds can not rain down here and so it is drier than on the main island.

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