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Where is Glasgow Located

If we are honest, Glasgow is really not the most beautiful city in Scotland. Dark, somehow too industrial, somehow so far from everything that makes up Scotland. But Glasgow is not ashamed of this. On the contrary: “Glasgow – Scotland with style” is the motto of the city everywhere in the streets. Glasgow is like an island in this country, an island that is all that the rest is not. At first, this may not arouse much sympathy for this city, because if you travel to the north of Great Britain, you have ideas of lonely mountain lakes, wildly romantic peaks and hard-boiled Scots trudging through the moorland in a kilt.

Where is Glasgow Located
Where is Glasgow Located

But on second glance, Glasgow is much better than its reputation. It’s not for nothing that most Scottish artists, musicians and celebrities come from Glasgow. The city is the cultural, modern heart of the country. It beats loudly, it vibrates, it knows abysses and passions and sometimes releases an almost self-destructive force that always comes to light when Catholics and Protestants meet. What has almost no meaning in the rest of the UK can be an occasion for fierce fighting in Glasgow. Glasgow is wild and untamed in its own way, a raw, unpolished diamond that scares those who don’t know it – and grows very dear to those who get involved in its special charm.


Glasgow was already settled by the Romans in the 80th AD and grew from a small settlement on the River Clyde until the Middle Ages, also through the construction of St. Mungo’s Cathedral, to an important academic and religious center. Due to its geographical location, it became an important trading hub with the Caribbean during the Industrial Revolution and a flourishing industrial city. At that time, the architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh left his mark all over the city, which you can follow in the Lighthouse cultural center or in the Willow Tea Rooms inspired by him. For the Glasgow School of Art, of which he was once a student himself, he designed one of the most beautiful buildings in the whole country. Today the school is famous for the modern designers and architects who emerge from it.

Like many industrial cities, Glasgow was hit hard by the Great Depression and, especially in the 1970s and 1980s, many locations had to close. In the meantime, however, Glasgow has recovered. The largest city in Scotland attracts today with dozens of museums and art galleries, almost all of which are free, and the modern center Tramway, where modern art can be experienced up close. Glasgow is the home of Scottish Ballet and Scottish Opera. Old masters and historical armors are displayed in the huge Kelvingrove Art Gallery.

Glasgow was once considered the murder capital of Western Europe. But this has changed radically since the beginning of the new century. The former “problem child” Glasgow has now become Scotland’s most likeable city – not always beautiful and smooth, but honest and rough. That’s what makes Glasgow so authentic.

Glasgow is well worth a visit. For orientation, here are the most beautiful sights of the Western Scottish city. There is also information about the inhabitants and the dialect. Finally, there is a summary of the history of Glasgow, which in turn is strongly linked to the sights of the city. All this is illustrated by many photos.

Is Glasgow in Scotland or England?
Is Glasgow in Scotland or Ireland?
Is Glasgow located in England?
What is Glasgow Scotland famous for?

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