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Where is Giza Located

Where is Giza located today?

The Pyramids of Giza (Giza) are the world-famous landmark of Egypt. You are a must-see every Egypt trip. The great pyramid is the only surviving of the seven ancient wonders of the world. They were built four and a half thousand years ago. The pyramids of Cheops and Chephren were the tallest structures on Earth for three thousand years.


“Remember that from these monuments forty centuries look down on you!”, Napoleon Bonaparte admonished his soldiers shortly before the famous battle of the Pyramids in 1798. The French army had landed in Egypt in order to hit the enemy Great Britain in its colonial aspirations sensitively by getting ahead of him in Egypt. In front of the pyramids, there was a military showdown between the Egyptian-Turkish troops, consisting of 34,000 Janissaries, Mamelukes and sparsely armed Fellahs, and the modern, French army of 20,000 soldiers. The Mamelke Army was wiped out, and Napoleon’s further way through Egypt was clear. With him were 150 scientists of various specialties. Their task was to collect and record everything worth knowing about the country. The result of these efforts was the famous “Description de l’Égypte”, with which extensive image and information material was available to scholars first in France and then throughout Europe. And together with the discovery of the famous Rosetta stone, which helped Jean-François Champollion decipher hieroglyphic writing, this was also the birth of Egyptology as a science.

In fact, there are at least forty-five centuries that look down on the many visitors who visit the most famous archaeological site in the world every day. The pyramid field of Giza (also: Gisa, Giseh, Giza) is a stone symbol of a God-ruling cult probably unique in its dimensions worldwide and the most prominent monument of pharaonic culture. Created at the height of the Old Kingdom (about 2670 to 2150 BC. The pyramids bear witness to the phase of a remarkably centralized state structure in which the entire society revolved around the pharaoh and was held together by his religious-political gravitational force. Never again did Egyptian culture and society reach such a high degree of centralization as in the age of the great pyramid construction.

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