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Where is Fuzhou Located

Fujian is a province in the southeast of the People’s Republic of China. The name for this province was composed during the Tang Dynasty from the names of the two cities Fuzhou and Jian’ou.

The coast of Fujian Province would be 530 kilometers long in a straight line. However, due to the numerous bays and peninsulas, the coast is extended many times to about 3,080 kilometers.

Where is Fuzhou Located
Where is Fuzhou Located

The territory is mountainous and wooded. On the border with Jiangxi is the Wuyi Mountain, which is located at 2,100 m above sea level. D. M. is the highest elevation of the province. The longest river, Min River, whose catchment area covers two thirds of Fujian, gave the province its nickname Min

The climate of the province is subtropical. The average annual temperature is between 17 and 21 °C, the average amount of rain is between 1,100 and 2,000 mm, with the main share (80-85%) of rain falling between May and September.

Because of its history and mountainous landscape, Fujian is one of the most linguistically interesting places in the world. Dialects change from valley to valley. The dialects belong to the category of Min dialects, which also includes Taiwanese. However, the official language is Mandarin and this is also used to communicate people from different places.

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