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Where is Funafuti Located

Tuvalu is an island country in the South Seas. It is located in the Pacific Ocean, north of New Zealand. Tuvalu is about the size of the North Sea island of Norderney and the fourth smallest state on Earth. The residents would all fit into a larger sports arena.

Capital Funafuti
Official language English, Tuvaluan
Head of State King Charles the Third
Population about 11,000

Where is Funafuti Located
Where is Funafuti Located

When the Spanish discovered the islands in the 16th century, people were already living there. Centuries later, the islands became a British colony. That is why the official languages are Tuvaluan and English. The British Queen is the official head of state. However, it can be represented on the island state by a governor-General. There is also a parliament. So, the country is a parliamentary monarchy. Parliament determines not only who sits in the government, but also many other things.

Tuvalu has a tropical, hot climate. The average temperatures are around 30 degrees Celsius. There are heavy rains, and sometimes hurricanes. The highest point of the country is only five meters above sea level. As sea levels rise due to climate change, the government fears that the islands will be flooded. She is therefore trying to get asylum for her people in New Zealand and Australia. One scientist proposed to resettle the people to the Fiji Islands. The costs of this should be borne by the rich countries as the cause of climate change.

What country does Tuvalu belong to?
Is Funafuti a country?
Where is the Funafuti capital of?
What type of island is Funafuti?

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