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Where is Fredrikstad Located

Fredrikstad is located 90 kilometers south of Oslo, in the southeast of Norway. The Swedish border is only 32 kilometers away. The city was merged with the current districts of Borge, Kråkerøy, Onsøy (Odins Island) and Rolvsøy in 1994 and is the largest city in the Norwegian province of Østfold with an area of about 290 square kilometers.

Where is Fredrikstad Located
Where is Fredrikstad Located

Fredrikstad is located in the southeast of the country in the province of Østfold and borders on the mouth of the River Glomma, which is the longest river in Norway at 601 kilometers.

Likewise, with its average width of 1.5 kilometers, it is also the widest river in the country that flows into the Oslofjord. The city is bordered to the south by the Hvaler, a beautiful archipelago with more than 800 small islands. The most important and also the most beautiful, which are visited by many guests of the country and from everywhere, are the islands of Vesterøy, Asmaløy, Spjaerøy and Kirkeøy.

In the 16th century, the city acquired a strong significance for the country due to the cession of the province of Bohuslän to Sweden: in order to protect the city and also Norway from the invasion of uninvited visitors, King Fredrik III had a fortress built, the Fredrikstad festning. Despite the long time, the fortress is the best preserved fortress in Europe.

Today you can see the fortress during a walk through the beautiful old town of Gamlebyen. The star-shaped fortress wall was built on the eastern bank of the Glomma and, together with the interesting other buildings from the 17th century, represents a beautiful picture of the old town. With an eventful history, a great wealth of culture and the summer paradise of the archipelago on the doorstep – the coastal city offers many fascinating sites that want to be discovered.

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